Cradle-To-Legacy Approach

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Welcome to SN&N Electronics, Inc., where your ideas go from cradle-to-legacy to shape the world we live in.

At the heart of innovation is intelligent design. For every great engineered idea, there are motivated people who worked tirelessly to turn that idea into a tangible product.

It takes precision engineering.

Advanced development.

A drive and dedication to creating solutions.


For over two decades, SN&N Electronics has pioneered product development that has helped companies from a vast array of science and tech industries to engineer their ideas from concept to creation. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies in the Biomedical, Aerospace, Communications, and Academic research sectors to provide technological solutions to real challenges.

Our foundation is built on a strong team of expert engineers and scientists who specialize in bringing client ideas to life. It is the critical combination of physics and practical engineering that allows us to innovate, and ensure precision design. Together, we work rapidly to save clients valuable time and money by placing an emphasis on the initial prototype phase of every project so that expensive, time-consuming iterations are minimized.


Everything at SN&N starts as a client idea. With guidance and design expertise, we transform those ideas into working products. All along, our team works tirelessly on research and design to formulate strategies, design, development, and prototypes that are essential to bringing shape to the idea. We conduct hand calculations and quickly draft design idea sketches before computer-aided design and fabrication. The end result is not only a product that meets client needs, but also saves them time and money along the way.

But we don’t stop there. SN&N works alongside our clients after product launch to provide long-term engineering support to ensure a successful and profitable launch. Because at the end of the day, we pride ourselves on providing effective partnership to every client, bringing their ideas to life.