Dr. Saraf founded SN&N Electronics, Inc. in 1994 to establish a premier product development firm that caters to the design needs of the high-tech industry and academic research. Since then, we have worked with several Fortune 500 companies, silicon valley startups and premier academic institutions. We provide turnkey product development as well as targeted assistance to the Biomedical, Aerospace, Communications & Fundamental Research sectors of the high technology industry.

Our experienced and interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists will successfully bring customers’ ideas to market. We start with a client's rough concept, then we provide intellectual leadership and design expertise to transform it into a working product. SN&N shepherds the idea through early R&D, system architecture design, specification development, rapid hardware and firmware prototyping, software design and development, design iterations, fabrication and assembly culminating in a successful product launch. SN&N continues to work closely with clients after product launch providing quick turnaround engineering support, inline with Dr. Saraf's philosophy of "cradle-to-legacy" nurturing for all SN&N designs.