Our Clients

For over 20 years we have helped our clients turn their device ideas into successful products. 

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies, startups, high-tech companies and premier academic institutions.



Integrated Nano-Technologies

Turnkey product development including specifications, system architecture design, PCR thermal cycler and ultrasonic horn driver design, prototyping, electronic design, PCB layout, fabrication, board assembly, firmware development, top level software, GUI design, Android application of a fully automated DNA analysis instrument using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This instrument performs the entire genetic identification process automatically and confirms the presence of a targeted pathogen.


EBR Systems

Designed, developed, fabricated and released to manufacturing a dual-band wireless, low-power, super-speed USB-based FDA-submitted programmer for implantable cardiac pacemaker devices.



Developed system architecture, designed analog electronics, developed digital servo algorithms and designed patented cell-lysing ultrasonic transducer drive circuitry for the original GeneXpert®, a fully automated DNA analysis instrument using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The system is used by among others, the US postal service for screening mail for anthrax spores and other biothreats.


Miramar Labs

Designed mixed-signal integrated electronics, FPGA code, microwave delivery and power electronics for three generations of high-power microwave generators. Precision digital servos in FPGAs control microwave power delivery to 0.2dbm and thermoelectric-based heat exchangers ensure safe and efficient delivery of microwave energy to human tissue. Patented design is used for sweat-gland reduction.