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The SN&N Electronics team has world-class talent in the design of analog, digital, power, wireless, high voltage, motor control and embedded systems electronics. SN&N technicians have unique prototyping skills that allow the engineers to test out circuit ideas rapidly before committing to printed circuit board design. Our in-house team of layout engineers have experience laying out complex mixed signal circuit boards with a high bring-up success rate. These skills are at the core of the SN&N team, we insist on excellence every step of the process to deliver exceptional designs in a timely manner.



We specialize in rapid product development and design services, working with our customers to transform their ideas into innovative concepts and great products. We work with test labs putting products through safety, EMC, and EMI regulatory approval procedures. SN&N Electronics has expert design skills and proficiency in quick prototyping, thermal modeling, 3D-printing, Solidworks CAD, testing, verification, and validation of new products. Our clients will testify to our ability to meet project timelines without compromising product quality.



SN&N Electronics develops embedded software for a wide range of applications across several industries. Our exceptional team of software and firmware engineers provide complete turnkey solutions to our clients. We excel at rapid firmware and software prototyping working closely with our hardware team to test out early concepts before delving into full-blown development. SN&N engineers optimally architect products and design smart algorithms to ensure speed and reliability of data flow.



The SN&N Electronics team has over 30 years’ experience in designing cutting-edge laser systems, frequency stabilization modules, optical cavity design, thermal controllers for optical cavities, analog, digital and RF electronics for precision control. SN&N has collaborated with Stanford University in developing advanced laser frequency standards using molecular gases such as iodine, carbon monoxide, and ultra-low expansion glass cavities. Our expertise in lasers and optics is extensive, we strive for precision and quality in our work.



Analog Design

SN&N Electronics has a successful record of designing low-noise, ultra-low-power analog circuits for sensor interfaces, wideband low-noise photodiode front ends, low-noise analog temperature controllers for optical applications, quiet current sources among other designs.  On the other end of the analog spectrum, SN&N has designed numerous power electronics systems of all conceivable topologies (buck, boost, buck-boost, flyback, SEPIC, Cuk)  to provide quiet, stable and efficient power conversion.


Biomedical Devices

SN&N Electronics has worked with start-ups and established medical companies to develop systems for catheter interfaces, cardiac pacing, remote pacemaker programming, isolation and protection of operating room equipment from high voltage delivery systems. We have developed integrated DNA analysis instruments wherein ultrasonic lysing, thermal cycling, sample prep, microfluidics control, cloud connection is automated in a compact footprint. We have designed, built and delivered high power, resonance-tracking ultrasonic systems for use in molecular diagnostic instruments.


Circuit Design and Layout

We have over 20 years of experience designing microcontroller, high speed clock distribution and FPGA-based digital systems. Our team of printed circuit board layout engineers have done over a hundred designs using CAD packages from Altium, PADS, ORCAD and Cadence Allegro. The SN&N Electronics layout team is especially good at high speed digital layout, high current and high voltage layouts operating at several kilovolts where minimal high voltage coupling and quiet operation is desired.


Embedded Systems

SN&N Electronics engineers have developed firmware solutions with smart and compact algorithms for embedded systems controllers. These controllers have been used for brushless DC motors, stepper motors, thermal control, DSP, cardiac pacing sources among others. We pride ourselves in building well-crafted systems where firmware, software and hardware engineers efficiently work together to deliver solutions.


Fundamental Research

One of the primary reasons SN&N Electronics was founded was to support fundamental research in its quest for high caliber engineering design firms that are dedicated to facilitate and expedite research. Our team blends a strong background in physics with extensive industrial design experience that makes it effective in understanding and solving problems that are unique to fundamental research.


Optical Systems

SN&N has extensive experience in solid-state laser engineering and optical train development. If you need to incorporate single-mode single-frequency laser systems in your designs, SN&N is the go-to company for solutions. We have over 15 years experience in optical system development for biomedical applications that includes design, characterization of irradiator LEDs for dye fluorescence , light pipe design, relay optics, bandpass filters and fluorescence detectors, S/N calculations, external optical train prototyping, quiet electronics for diode drivers etc.



Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) techniques are at the heart of most modern DNA amplification instruments. SN&N Electronics has designed the electronics and embedded firmware to implement well-tuned Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers for precise thermal cycling. We have delivered high efficiency DNA amplification systems to molecular diagnostics companies.


Turnkey Product Development

SN&N Electronics takes your product ideas from a rough draft or specification and shepherds it all the way through research and development to a finished ready-to-market product. We will architect your system and in the words of Dr. Saraf "...make sure the hardware, firmware, software and industrial design are parts of an orchestra that "resonate" together to play a splendid symphony..." We will design the electronic systems, layout printed circuit boards, fabricate, assemble, test individual modules, integrate the subsystems with embedded firmware, write the high-level control code and fit it all into a modern industrial design shell. Our clients are impressed with functionality and aesthetics of the products we design. We are proud of the "cradle-to-legacy" approach wherein our designs are nurtured all the way through concept and development to post-launch support. 


RF Design

Among others, our design projects include: RF systems for WiFi, NFC, RFid, Bluetooth, the 400 MHz ISM band with microstrip and tuned antennas for optimal performance;  wireless systems to enable programming of implantable devices; design and fabrication of servo controllers using the Pound-Drever-Hall RF modulation technique for locking optical cavities and atomic transitions to solid-state and diode lasers. 


Our experienced and interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists will successfully bring customers’ ideas to market. We start with a client's rough concept, then we provide intellectual leadership and design expertise to transform it into a working product. SN&N shepherds the idea through early R&D, system architecture design, specification development, rapid hardware and firmware prototyping, software design and development, design iterations, fabrication and assembly culminating in a successful product launch. SN&N continues to work closely with clients after product launch providing quick turnaround engineering support, inline with our philosophy of "cradle-to-legacy" nurturing for all SN&N designs.