SN&N Electronics announces the eMRO Laser. Available Now!

SN&N Electronics announces the eMRO (enhanced Monolithic Ring Oscillator) laser module equivalent to the the nonplanar ring oscillator technology (NPRO™) which provides superior value and utility.  Single mode power of over 1 watt at 1064 nm, and 0.5 watts at 1319 nm is obtained when a module is pumped by inexpensive and convenient fiber-coupled laser diodes.

The modular approach allows the construction of an inexpensive single-frequency laser system, which can be readily upgraded by adding a precision laser diode controller, a fiber coupled output stage, or a closed-loop stabilization module.

Three laser modules are available, two high-power models at the Nd:YAG wavelengths of 1064 nm and 1319 nm, and a low-power, ultrastable 1064 nm unit.  Users can provide their own 808 nm fiber-coupled laser diode and a 5V power supply, and they will get a single-frequency laser of exquisite purity.  The necessary fiber-coupled laser diodes are available for a few hundred dollar from a number of suppliers, including SN&N.