SN&N attends Photonics West 2018

Thank you for visiting our booth at Photonics West in San Francisco.   We would like to make ourselves available to answer any further questions you may have about our products and services. The introduction of SN&N Lasers’ eMRO was the featured item at our booth.The eMRO is a single-frequency ultra-narrow line width laser that provides high performance and superior value at 1064nm and 1319nm. The external pump laser diode allows for fast-and-easy repair making it a must-have item for any lab.

Contact us at about a consultation to discuss the features, specifications, and potential application of the eMRO within your company.

Join SN&N at Photonics West

Join SN&N Electronics, Inc. and SN&N Lasers

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Booth # 2546

The Moscone Center - San Francisco, California, United States

30 January - 1 February 2018

It is our pleasure to invite you to visit our booth at Photonics West where we will introduce the

eMRO, enhanced Monolithic Ring Oscillator Laser Module

Please contact us at 408-638-7461 or to schedule a personal meeting at our booth. We hope to see you there!

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SN&N Electronics announces the eMRO Laser. Available Now!

SN&N Electronics announces the eMRO (enhanced Monolithic Ring Oscillator) laser module equivalent to the the nonplanar ring oscillator technology (NPRO™) which provides superior value and utility.  Single mode power of over 1 watt at 1064 nm, and 0.5 watts at 1319 nm is obtained when a module is pumped by inexpensive and convenient fiber-coupled laser diodes.

The modular approach allows the construction of an inexpensive single-frequency laser system, which can be readily upgraded by adding a precision laser diode controller, a fiber coupled output stage, or a closed-loop stabilization module.

Three laser modules are available, two high-power models at the Nd:YAG wavelengths of 1064 nm and 1319 nm, and a low-power, ultrastable 1064 nm unit.  Users can provide their own 808 nm fiber-coupled laser diode and a 5V power supply, and they will get a single-frequency laser of exquisite purity.  The necessary fiber-coupled laser diodes are available for a few hundred dollar from a number of suppliers, including SN&N.