Company President

Dr. Shally Saraf, President, founded SN&N Electronics, Inc. in 1994 to establish a premier product development firm that would cater to the design needs of academic research and the high-tech industry. Dr. Saraf holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University in electrical engineering. He graduated from the Ginzton Laboratory at Stanford and is a world-class expert in electrical and optical engineering. He has taught electrical engineering, optics, laser technology and quantum electronics classes at several universities and has over 25 years of industry experience as a design engineer and project manager. Throughout his professional career, Shally has mentored and fostered engineers and scientists at all levels, enabling him to build an exceptional technical team of bright and creative individuals.

Dr. Saraf holds several patents and has authored many scientific publications and presented his findings at conferences and seminars around the world. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies and several startups in California’s Silicon Valley. He is a member of the Optical Society of America (OSA), SPIE, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

                                   Dr. Shally Saraf

Selected Publications

1. A. Zoellner, S. Tan, S. Saraf, A. Alfauwaz, D. DeBra, S. Buchman, and J. Lipa, "Differential optical shadow sensor for sub-nanometer displacement measurement and its application to drag-free satellites," Opt. Express 25, 25201-25211 (2017).

2. S. Tan, S. Wang, S. Saraf, and J. Lipa, “Pico Kelvin Thermometry and Temperature Stabilization Using a Resonant Optical Cavity,” Opt. Express 25, 3578-3593 (2017)

3. S. Tan, P. Berceau, S. Saraf, and J. Lipa, “Measuring finesse and gas absorption with Lorentzian recovery spectroscopy,” Opt. Express 25, 7645-7656 (2017)

4. S. Saraf, S. Buchman, K. Balakrishnan, Chin Yang Lui,, “Ground Testing and Flight Demonstration of Charge Management of Insulated Test Masses Using UV LED Electron Photoemission”, Classical and Quantum Gravity 33 245004 (2016).

5. S. Saraf, P. Berceau, A. Stochino, R.L. Byer, and J. Lipa, “Molecular frequency reference at 1.56µm using a 12C16O overtone transition with the noise-immune cavity-enhanced optical heterodyne molecular spectroscopy method”, Opt. Lett. 41, 2189-2192 (2016).

6. S. Saraf, “Power Scaling and Quantum Noise Measurements in Nd:YAG Slab Laser Amplifiers”, PhD dissertation, Stanford University, Proquest, 2005

7. S. Saraf, K. Urbanek, P. King, and R.L. Byer, "Quantum noise measurements in a continuous-wave laser-diode-pumped Nd:YAG saturated amplifier," Opt. Lett. 30, 1195-1197 (2005).

8. S. Saraf, S. Sinha, A.K. Sridharan, and R.L. Byer, "100 W, single-frequency, low-noise, diffraction-limited beam from an Nd:YAG end-pumped slab MOPA for LIGO," in Advanced Solid-State Photonics, Postdeadline Proceedings, Vol. 94 of OSA Trends in Optics and Photonics Series (Optical Society of America, 2004). 

9. A.K. Sridharan, S. Saraf, S. Sinha, and R.L. Byer, "Zig-zag slabs for solid state laser amplifiers: Batch Fabrication and Parasitic Oscillation Suppression," Appl. Opt. 45, 3340-3351 (2006). 

10. S. Saraf, R.L. Byer, and P. King, "High-extinction-ratio resonant cavity polarizer for quantum-optics measurements," Appl. Opt., 46, 3850-3855 (2007).

11. A. Sridharan, S. Saraf, and R. L. Byer, "Yb:YAG master oscillator power amplifier for remote wind sensing," Appl. Opt. 46, 7552-7565 (2007).

12.  K. Goda, E. E. Mikhailov, O. Miyakawa, S. Saraf, S. Vass, A. Weinstein, and N. Mavalvala, "Generation of a stable low-frequency squeezed vacuum field with periodically poled KTiOPO4 at 1064 nm," Opt. Lett. 33, 92-94 (2008).

13. K. Goda, O. Miyakawa, E. E. Mikhailov, S. Saraf, R. Adhikari, K. McKenzie, R. Ward, S. Vass, A. Weinstein, N. Mavalvala, "A quantum-enhanced prototype gravitational-wave detector", Nature Physics, 4, 472-476 (2008).