The SN&N laser development team has over 30 years experience in designing cutting-edge laser systems, frequency stabilization modules, optical cavity design, precision thermal controller for optical cavities, analog and digital electronics for precision control. SN&N has collaborated with Stanford University in developing advanced laser frequency stabilization systems using molecular gasses such as iodine and carbon monoxide and ultra-low expansion glass cavities. The SN&N laser team's experience in lasers and optics is extensive, we strive for precision and quality in our work. 

Our areas of expertise:

  • Single-frequency, single-mode solid-state lasers
  • High power lasers
  • Optical amplifiers
  • Frequency conversion modules
  • Ultra-low expansion glass (ULE) cavities
  • Pound-Drever-Hall locking modules
  • Advanced clocks for space applications
  • Advanced interferometer configurations.

We offer custom laser products designed to your company's needs and our existing laser products.