Our Community

At SN&N Electronics, we believe in inspiring the next generation of innovators and engineers. We have partnered with San Jose State University working with the Lucas College of Business and the Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering to give student opportunities in business development and practical engineering.


SJSU Spartan Hyperloop

Spartan Hyperloop is a multidisciplinary team of 60 students contributing to the innovative culture at San Jose State University. Their goal is to develop a magnetically levitating Hyperloop Pod that will win the annual SpaceX competition while contributing original research & development towards Hyperloop technology.

SN&N Electronics proudly sponsors Spartan Hyperloop through mentorship and teaching the students about the company’s "cradle-to-legacy" and rapid prototyping approach to engineering design. The student engineers had the opportunity to show Dr. Saraf their current pod design as they prepare for the 2019-2020 SpaceX competition!


Gary J. Sbona Honors Program

The Gary J. Sbona Honors Program has been supporting top business students from San Jose State University through real-life business projects in addition to their college curriculum.

SN&N Electornics is proud to be working with the SJSU honors business program by providing practical business experience to the honors student team through regular meetings, collaboration, and implementation of hands-on marketing plans for the company.


Alpha Cindy Avitia High School

SN&N is committed to giving back to the community by providing mentorship to the next generation of students in the STEM field.  SN&N supports Alpha Cindy Avitia High School in San Jose in this endeavor. On May 10th 2019, a presentation titled “What Do Engineers Do?” was delivered by Dr. Saraf and Chin Yang to the first graduating class of seniors. The goal of the presentation was to educate and encourage students to explore engineering as a major in college.