Firmware Development

SN&N Electronics develops firmware for a wide range of applications across many industries. Our team of firmware engineers provides complete turnkey solutions or targeted assistance on your project needs. SN&N Electronics emphasizes a strong system architecture to ensure reliability of the system. We excel at rapid firmware prototyping in conjunction with our hardware team to test out an early concept before delving into full-blown development. Additionally, our services include long-term firmware support for bug fixing and feature enhancement.

  • Boot time optimization
  • U-Boot Ports and customization
  • Boot loader development
  • Kernel modifications
  • Root file system
  • Embedded systems firmware development
  • Embedded OS: FreeRTOS, PikeOS, pSOS, ThreadX, uC-OS, embedded Linux, ARM-based Linux
  • Micro Processors: ARM, MIPS
  • Device drivers