Capabilities: Biomedical Engineering


SN&N Electronics has a broad spectrum of knowledge and design experience that spans fundamental physics, human physiology, DNA amplification techniques (PCR) through all aspects of electrical engineering, culminating in proficiency to construct precise and compact computer code for control of complex biomedical systems.  These skills are at the core of the SN&N engineering team.  Dr. Saraf works side-by-side on the bench with his team insisting on excellence every step of the process. 

SN&N has designed products for numerous biomedical companies such as Cepheid, Miramar Labs, Boston Scientific, EBR Systems, Integrated Nano-Technologies, among others.  We take the product development from concept, hardware and software system architecture design, prototyping, lab testing, compliance testing, validation and verification (V&V) to product release. We will take your ideas and put them through FDA-compliant medical device development and provide post-launch hardware and software support. Contact us to discuss your product ideas.